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STLF Developmental Outcomes.

STLF centers all programs and partnerships on its mission to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action.  STLF programs provide experiences and opportunities for students to discover leadership, create positive relationships, and make a commitment to action in their lives and communities.  The lasting impact of STLF lies within each life positively changed on a Pay It Forward Tour or Leadership Camp.  STLF has identified nine Developmental Outcomes in participants that we hope to achieve:

Leadership Skills
For STLF participants, this involves being more comfortable with oneself—from speaking in front of groups to the desire to lead initiatives after the experience.  For its volunteer leadership, STLF hopes to grow personal confidence, especially with heightened levels of responsibility.

STLF hopes that service takes on a new meaning for all those it touches.  Service can happen every day, and it is an amazing vehicle to learn, reflect, and grow as an individual.  It is fun way to create a sense of community and to positively impact the world.

A key component within STLF is to constantly evaluate, process, and reflect.  By doing so, students are able to take away much more than just the surface activity.  It allows an increase in perspectives, as well as delaying judgment to consider multiple factors and points of view.

Social Awareness
STLF programs aim to broaden its participants’ scopes through exposure to different cities, lifestyles, people, ethnicities, upbringings, ways of thinking, etc.  As a result, students will have a better understanding of other people, situations, and cultures.

Affection for Others
Through STLF experiences, students gain a better sense of empathy.  This can relate to their openness toward new experiences, understanding of people’s situations, working with people of varying backgrounds, and respecting of differences.

Social Cognition
STLF encourages students to dream by exploring what the world has to offer and by imagining the possibilities each person possesses.  Byproducts are an increased willingness to understand life on a deeper level and a level of resilience to overcome negative energy and experiences.

Civic Efficacy
It is important for students to know and believe they can make a difference in society and the world.  With the ability to impact, comes the responsibility to impact in a healthy and positive manner, leaving students with a greater sense of civic duty.

Collective Action
STLF promotes a shared leadership model of equality and trust.  By collaborating with others to achieve a greater purpose, students are able to harness the extraordinary power that a group of committed individuals can hold, to better the world and contribute to the common good.

Sense of Community
One of STLF’s means towards revealing leadership is to build positive relationships.  Students involved in STLF gain opportunities to be part of a community with inter-generational, inter-cultural, and inter-school relationships.  This creates a network of support and positive modeling, positioning students for success.

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