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This page contains four sections:

  1. Our Commitment to Measurement & Evaluation
  2. Published and Presented Work
  3. June 2010 High School Survey Summary
  4. 2008 Work - includes College Leaders and Participants, as well as MN High School

Our Commitment to Measurement & Evaluation

STLF is committed to providing outcomes and measurements based on the following three main areas:

  1. Developmental Outcomes on Students: This focuses on how the Pay it Forward Tour can potentially impact a student. This is measured on STLF's nine Developmental Outcomes.
  2. Quality of Program: This focuses on the overall preparation and execution of STLF Pay it Forward Tours. This does not include the impact on participants.
  3. Service & Housing Contact Satisfaction: The Pay it Forward Tour cannot exist without the help of these people and organizations. This focuses on how we conduct ourselves while at these sites, as well as if our work was helpful/meaningful.

Published and Presented Work

Over the years, STLF's work has been presented or published.  Below is a collection of links, listed chronologically:

Holsinger-Fuchs, P. J. (2008). College students as catalysts for social change: A case study (Doctoral dissertation, University of North Dakota, 2008).  Dissertation Abstracts International,  233 pages; AAT 3340079

Bailey, A. & Russell, K. (2008).  Psycho-Social Benefits of a Service-Learning Experience.  Journal of Unconventional Parks, Tourism, & Recreation Research, 1(1), 9-16.

Bailey, A. & Russell, K. (2009).  Engaging Youth Through Volunteer Travel: In Service of the Common Good.  Youth Development Journal, 4 (4), 60-72.

Bailey, A. (2009).  A Way to Wisdom Through Service & Relationships.  Presentation for the Association of Experiential Education, SEER; November, 2009.

Bailey, A. & Russell, K. (2010).  Predictors of  Interpersonal Growth in Volunteer Tourism: A Latent Curve Approach.  Leisure Sciences, 30(4), 352-368.

Bailey, A. (2010).  Routine and Project-based Leisure, Happiness and Meaning in Life.  Presentation for the National Recreation and Parks Association, Minneapolis, MN; October, 2010.

Bailey, A. & Fernando, I. K. (2010).  Decoding the Voluntourism Process: A case study of the Pay It Forward Tour.  Presentation for the International Association of Experiential Education Convention, Las Vegas; November, 2010.

Bailey, A. & Kang, H.K (2011).  Intrinsic Motivation, Challenge and Social Support: Antecedents of Positive Program Impact.  Presentation for the Southeastern Recreation Research Symposium, Boone, NC; March, 2011.

June 2010 High School Survey Summary

Surveys of student participants will measure satisfaction and feedback related to each of six core program areas – Service, Travel, Leadership, Evening Activities, College Visits, and Overall Satisfaction.  A survey sample of 172 students from programs during June 2010 concluded that 95% reported having a positive overall experience on the Pay It Forward Tour and 98% would recommend the experience to a friend.  Most importantly, both quantitative and qualitative feedback regarding other Tour components provides staff with the information to make continuous improvements to the program.

Click here to download the pdf of the summary of results.

In 2008, STLF began this process by analyzing changes in three groups of young people based on our Developmental Outcomes. A summary of the studies for these three main participant groups is provided below. For the full report, please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

College Student Participant

Students whom participated on the college Pay it Forward Tour over spring break. There was a sample of 174 students (out of 290, 60%)

81% are involved in activities outside of STLF on their campuses, and 48% have formal leadership roles within those. 61% will probably or definitely pursue an advanced degree, and 38% will probably or definitely pursue work in a nonprofit-related field.

STLF measures the appreciation change that may occur while on the eight- or nine-day Pay it Forward Tour. From before the Tour to afterwords, there were positive growths among college participants: 40% in Leadership Skills, 28% in Collective Action, 21% in Service, 45% in Social Awareness, and 41% in Civic Efficacy.

College Volunteer Leadership

All STLF programs are organized and executed by college student volunteers that commit to formal leadership roles within the organization. STLF has a sample of 53 leaders (out of 92, 58%).

This analysis shows lasting impacts that can happen when students come on a Pay it Forward Tour, and remain involved with STLF over time. Measuring the appreciation change that may occur during the two to six months the college volunteer leaders are preparing to lead their Pay it Forward Tours. The first survey were given seven months after their Pay it Forward Tour experience. STLF is excited for this tangible exemplification of our mission to reveal leadership-- over a year later, college volunteer leadership shows an increase of 41% in Leadership Skills.

Minnesota High School Pay it Forward Tour

Through a major grant and partnership with Social Venture Partners, STLF was able to hone in on its third strategic objective of increasing access to youth, which focuses on 'at-risk' youth. To honor this partnership, STLF analyzed the three HS Pay it Forward Tours from Minnesota this year. There were 81 respondents (out of 85, 96%)-

STLF defines someone who is at-risk as an individual not completing secondary education, or not pursuing post-secondary education. These are defined by the following factors-- GPA, language, background, family graduation, and economics-- just to name a few. 83% met at least one indicator, and 41% met at least two.

Focusing on the appreciation change that may occur using a pre-test as students arrived on the bus and post-test after the five-day experience. From before the Tour to afterwards, there were positive growths among high school participants: 87% in Leadership Skills, 78% in Collective Action, 64% in Service, 103% in Social Awareness, 66% in Civic Efficacy, and 94% in Sense of Community.

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Click here for the Full Pay it Forward Tour Report on all above data.


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