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STLF Leadership: The Core Model

STLF operates entirely with a self-created leadership structure called the Core Model – a system based on functionality and collective action, rather than hierarchy and position.  A Core is a group of 3 to 5 people who work together to accomplish an identified purpose.

The STLF Core Model Leadership Structure Annually Engages Hundreds of Student Volunteers in Leadership.

 The Core Model has successfully engaged hundreds of volunteer student leaders annually in planning and executing every major program of the organization, resulting in limitless scalability of the organization.  Cores exist for multiple functions—the National Core is in place to serve Chapter Cores, Chapter Cores’ purposes vary from campus to campus, and Bus Cores’ purpose revolves around planning and facilitation of the Pay it Forward Tour program.  With all Cores functioning together as part of a larger cohesive system, students are collectively carrying out STLF’s mission both locally and nationally.

STLF’s Core Model has ultimately resulted in significant responsibility and meaningful leadership experiences for a large number of college student volunteers.  Student leaders in STLF acquire proficient skills in organizing, working in teams, decision-making, public speaking, and group facilitation.

As a testament to the Core Model’s success over time, the work of the volunteer student leaders in STLF was recently highlighted with the awarding of the Social Entrepreneur’s Cup, recognizing Minnesota’s most innovative solution for social change.  A panel of judges cited STLF’s innovative leadership structure as one of the primary reasons for the award.

Core Model Creates Scalability by Giving High Responsibility to Student Volunteers.

All programs and initiatives are organized and led by Cores of college students who are part of student-led college chapters of STLF.  College volunteer student leaders not only fuel the growth of STLF on a college level; they supply the leadership for the growing High School Pay It Forward Tour and emerging Middle School Tour.  The incredible amount of volunteer time involved in planning each program creates a system of financial efficiency and scalability.  The Core Model’s collaborative, round-table approach engages more students in a leadership role than a traditional structure would allow, resulting in a spreading of networks and fostering of growth through relationships.

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