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STLF Reveals Leadership

STLF works hard to fulfill its mission every day by engraining core values into every program, in efforts to strive for its vision.

STLF Mission

Revealing leadership through service, relationships, and action.

STLF Vision

To energize generations of servant leaders.

STLF's Core Values

STLF has four core values, all based on actions that cultivate a strong, sustainable organization able to best serve the world.  Here are STLF’s definitions:



To believe that we are all leaders; to believe that it can happen; to believe that one person can make a difference.


To discover personal purpose; to live life with excitement; to listen from within; to share your energy for the common good.


To welcome all; to build authentic relationships; to embrace the commonality and celebrate the differences; to practice collective action.


To take action; to go against the norm; to respond to a need; to turn an idea into a reality; to follow a dream.




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